Matters to Look Into Before Moving Out of Your Leased House

Matters to Look Into Before Moving Out of Your Leased House

When moving out of your leased house, the idea of moving towards your new life in your new home can be very overwhelming. There are a number of things that preoccupied you and you may not think too much about the house you’re moving out of. However, there are a lot of associated responsibilities and tasks that need to be taken care of before you can successfully move out of a leased house.

This guide is here to help you ensure that you get all the important tasks out of the way and leave the house in good condition and on good terms with your landlord.

Lease Contract and Landlord  

It’s imperative that you thoroughly go over your lease contract and ensure you’re complying with all the terms and conditions. The lease contract will also provide details on important tasks such as the notice period, maintenance fees, utility transfers and other responsibilities you’re required to carry out before leaving.

In your notice period, you should inform your landlord of details such as the date you’ll be moving out, what is required of you in terms of managing the property and a request for your deposit. It’s also a great idea to have all of this in writing, even if you speak over the phone, in order to avoid any issues in the future.

Lease Contract and Landlord

Inspect the House and Get It Cleaned

Tenants are usually required to leave the house in the same condition that they got it in. This may include removing any changes you made to the property during your time there. Damage is expected over time. However, holes in the walls, appliances that were provided, plumbing and electricity issues should all be dealt with beforehand.

It’s also very important that you get your house properly cleaned before you leave and remove any belongings that weren’t there, to begin with. You’d want to leave the house in a condition that you’d be happy to receive it in.

Bond cleaning is imperative as you might lose your deposit if the landlord has to get the house cleaned themselves and remove all your belongings. Some areas that bond cleaners will focus on are as follows:


There can be a lot of grease build-up around the oven and stove. Special attention should be paid to cleaning all the appliances such as fridges and microwaves. It’s also a good idea to get the cabinets and drawers polished.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Cleaning in these areas should be focused on the toilet seat, bathtub, shower area and all the taps. Ask your bond cleaner to focus on cleaning and polishing the doors, mirrors and any furniture. Pay special attention to light fixtures and switches.

Living Room

Special care should be given to cleaning and polishing picture frames, mirrors, doors and furniture. The floor should be washed to get rid of any dust build-up on furniture and lights.


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