Why High Power?

If you have ever considered working for yourself, enjoy making customers happy, want to become active, be healthier and have a better lifestyle then make an enquiry about a High Power Franchise.

Sick of working for a boss and want to start your own business? Join our brand and own your own franchise. We include equipment, extensive training, uniforms and stationary in addition to ongoing one on one service to make sure your business is a success from the start. Owning a  franchise is a great opportunity! 

Marketing Support

Most of the advertising is done for you. We use various marketing avenues such as Google AdWords, Facebook, Yellow Pages, Billboard, Radio and News and Media Online. We have constant work available to provide you a steady income. You can also grow the business or advertise locally in your own territory. We are serious about our Franchise and continue to grow providing vast new Franchise opportunities Australia wide!


Owning a Franchise gives you these benefits:



  • Consistent Work
  • Operations Manual
  • Client Database
  • Quality recognition
  • Branding/Marketing Materials
  • Powerful online advertising
  • Proof long-term workflow
  • Company staff support
  • Company support
  • Brand Awareness
  • Ongoing business growth
  • Designated regions


About Us

High Power Group has been in business for over 15 years. We have a range of franchise options to help you build a business to drive your independence. 


Located in Melbourne, We operate franchises across Australia. Contact us for more information on a franchise in your local area.

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