Natural cleaners and green cleaning products are a smart way to clean your house in a safe, non-toxic way. Keeping your living space presentable and sanitary can sometimes feel like a daunting task –it seems as if there are always more cleaning projects than time in the day!


Day-to-day tidying is a must, not to mention those bigger cleaning projects (such as washing the windows or getting the dust out of the curtains) that must be tackled at least twice a year. Vinegar, salt, lemon juice, and baking soda can make your household tasks less complicated and easier on you and the environment. While sometimes it may feel like you live in your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom exclusively, let’s take a look around the rest of your home. It’s time to grab your green cleaning kit and get cracking!

The Green Cleaners

  • Vinegar

Dilute one portion of water to one portion of vinegar and use it to clean almost anything in your house. Keep vinegar away from marble, and be sure to dilute properly or it could eat away at tile grout. Use straight up in empty toilet bowls to tackle that annoying water ring. A word about the smell, yes, it’s nasty, but it should go away once it dries.

  • Lemon juice

Use undiluted lemon juice to get rid of hard water deposits, soap scum, polish brass and copper. Mix half a cup of lemon juice with a cup of olive oil to create a hardwood polish. Lemon juice also deodorizes, cleans glass, and helps to remove stains.