Cleaning Tiles in Melbourne

In recent times, the various advantages of tiles make it a precious asset in several homes and offices –from the attractiveness to the shiny looks coupled with the durability makes it a preferred flooring option for the masses. The ease with which it can be cleaned without having to bother about the possible damage by water as it is water resistant.

Cleaning Tiles in Melbourne

Tiles are widely used and also loved but come with a bit of a hitch –tiles are known to be good at attracting dirty especially when moisture is involved or any other sticky substance. To avoid your tile looking all gloomy and unattractive, several cleaning processes have to be followed.

How to clean your tiles in Melbourne

2. Basic Cleaning

Basic cleaning of tiles is always very easy and doesn’t require any rigorous process. This cleaning method is ideal when the tile is littered with sand particles or dust but not hard stains. You can easily sweep with the use of a broom to gather the dirty and a damp mop to mop any stain on the floor. Be sure to squeeze the mop thoroughly to avoid messing the whole floor. If you find it difficult to take off the dirt, you can make use of vacuum cleaners to carry out the difficult task for you. Be sure to always clean off any spill on the floor as soon as it occurs to avoid it getting stuck to the tiles. The earlier you deal with it, the easier the cleaning will become.

2. Complex cleaning

We established the fact earlier on that some stains can be very difficult to get off the tiles. You can either start with the tile surface or stick to the grout –depending on the one that is easier for you. Get hold of a sharp and hard object and scrub the spaces between each tile where dirty accumulates until it becomes clean and baking soda can be applied on them and scrubbed to get it clean.

After finishing with the grouts, use a multi-purpose floor cleaning agent or a cleaning paste. Scrub the floor properly with a cleaning brush until your floor becomes shining once again and in no time your tile will become ravishing.